Single Leg “Pulling” | Efficiency Running Drill by Brian Mackenzie of CrossFit Endurance

Creator of CrossFit Endurance and advocate of the Pose Running method, running badass¬†Brian Mackenzie demonstrates the “pulling” drill in this short video. This drill ¬†helps to develop efficient biomechanics and a low-impact, mid-foot strike that can help you overcome over-striding and the injuries that can result.

Try this single leg pulling drill as a warm-up before your training runs. It’s a great way to ingrain good running habits and prepare yourself for solid run. Also note in the video how Brian underscore the importance of pacing among athletes and how repeats can help. We’ll definitely have more great insights from Brian in future Better Triathlete posts.

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Tyler Tafelsky
Tyler Tafelsky is an experimental athlete seeking effective ways to actualize greater power, speed, and endurance. Tyler covers topics ranging from strength training, mobility, and injury-recovery to triathlon coaching, nutrition, and product reviews.

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