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If you’re an athlete looking for online triathlon coaching, then you’ve come to the right place. At Better Triathlete, in addition to helping athletes find local triathlon coaches in their area, we also provide online triathlon coaching resources for those interested in web-based interaction with top-level triathlon coaching

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The Dynamic of Triathlon Coaching Online

There are a number of pro’s and con’s as to why some athletes prefer triathlon coaching online. Some athletes seek the elite-level triathlon coaches that are not accessible in their local area. Other athletes prefer the convenience and responsiveness that comes with online triathlon coaching relationships. Whatever the motive is, an athlete can still receive professional-quality and personalized tri coaching without face-to-face interaction.

Many top athletes who seek elite-level or professional triathlon coaching  will often seek out the best triathlon coaches regardless of local limitations. For more information on how to connect with some of the best triathlon coaches that provide online training programs based on a web-based coaching dynamic, contact us.

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Seeking Ironman Triathlon Coaches Online?

Are you planning on doing an Ironman? Do you need help putting-together your triathlon training program?

If you’re seeking experienced Ironman triathlon coaches online, then Better Triathlete can help. We sponsor some of the best online triathlon coaches who can help you design and program your training program. We understand the independent nature of Ironman training – most Iron-distance athletes are disciplined, independent, and focused. This makes online triathlon coaching a great option for many athletes planning to go the distance.

Find The Best Online Triathlon Coaches

The following tips are good considerations to keep in mind when prospecting online triathlon coaches. Adopting this framework during your search and interview processes will help you pinpoint the best online triathlon coaches who are right for you.

Experience triathlon coaches online

Take the time to research your online coaching candidates to ensure that you’re confident in his or her experience and qualifications. A good tip  you’re prospecting and interviewing triathlon coaches online is to ask to speak to current or past athletes that the coach. This can help you can learn more about the quality and caliber of coaching others are experiencing with the given triathlon coach.

While for some triathletes it’s not necessary for the coach to be a Kona-qualified triathlete or former Ironman pro, finding a triathlon coach online with some competition-specific experience is a good benchmark for a competitive athlete seeking coaching services. At the very least, your prospective coaches should hold some kind of certification (i.e. personal training, running, cycling, and/or swimming) or have attained a Level 1 USAT Coaches Certification. It also helps that your prospective triathlon coaches have completed a few Iron-distance races.


An effective online triathlon coach must be flexible in how he or she programs and administers workouts. As an athlete, it’s crucial to ask questions the coach’s framework and process on how he or she can design and adapt a training program to suit your needs.

Consider a few what if’s, like what’s the protocol if a training session is missed? Will the triathlon coach implement modifications based on what feels more natural to you as your triathlon training progresses?

Many Ironman triathlon coaches online might think they have the best approach to programming and training an athlete. However, without the willingness and professional capabilities to adapt their approach to fit the individual needs of the triathlete, there will most likely be roadblocks in the progression of one’s training season..


Especially for those planning to do an Ironman, athletes need to reconcile and modify their day-to-day life to incorporate structured triathlon training. For this reason, it’s vital for an online Ironman coach to consider your work schedule, family, and social life when constructing a triathlon training plan.

In short, the triathlon coach willing to modify training sessions based on the big picture of your life. Like mentioned above, it will go a long way to ask questions during your initial consultation or interview with online triathlon coaches. This will help you avoid feeling frustrated and overwhelmed if the online coaching dynamic doesn’t meet your expectations.


Regardless of how experienced, smart, or high-profile an Ironman triathlon coach is, the coaching will not be very effective if your personalities are not fully compatible. Prior to the interview process, outline the goals of your upcoming triathlon season. Next, be real with yourself and determine what it is you need (both in yourself and in your triathlon coach) to achieving those goals.

Will your tri coach be the motivator you need to push you through your triathlon training program? Or will this individual serve as more of guide and resource? Some triathletes make the conclusion that it’s usually a combination of both, depending on the depth of the training program, intensity of the season, and distance of the race(s). By undergoing this self-analysis process, you can better narrow and pinpoint the ideal online Ironman triathlon coaches who will help you actualize a successful and fulfilling season.

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