Starting a Triathlon Coaching Business

Starting a triathlon coaching business can be an exciting and rewarding endeavor for many athletes who are passionate and experienced in multisport. triathlon coaching business start up on the swim

However, many blooming coaches pursue their interest in starting a triathlon coaching business with little direction on where to begin.

Here at Better Triathlete, we’re here to help. We offer resources, opportunities, and services designed to cultivate awareness and grow your triathlon coaching business.

Why Start a Triathlon Coaching Business?

There is no doubt that triathlon is one of the fastest growing sports in the U.S., and the number of athletes continues to grow substantially every year. Many triathletes from all over the world are seeking triathlon coaches to help them train more effectively and thrive on race day.

Further incentive to start a triathlon coaching business is that the average income of today’s USAT triathlete is over $100k/year. These points, and other compelling data on the demographics and trends associated with triathlon can be found at

Define Your Triathlon Coaching Business Model

Perhaps you’ve already incubated on why exactly you want to start a coaching business, or perhaps you’re just entertaining the idea and gathering some insights.

As part of the incubation process and developing a triathlon coaching business plan, the process starts with asking the right questions that define your tri coaching business model.starting triathlon coaching business

  • (As specific as you can get) Why do I want to start a triathlon coaching business?
  • Do I want to specialize my triathlon coaching in specific distances or aspects of triathlon?
  • Where do I start with marketing my coaching business and brand?
  • How will I carve a niche or distinguish myself as a triathlon coach?
  • How will acquire new athletes once I start my triathlon coaching business?
  • How will I structure my training programs for athletes and how much do I charge?

These questions are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to starting a ny coaching business. While you as a coach will need to answer some of these questions for yourself, Better Triathlete can help jump-start your efforts by providing specialized business marketing services and sponsorship opportunities for triathlon coaches.

We Can Help Grow Your Tri Coaching Business

Discover how Better Triathlete can help grow your triathlon coaching business. The resources and opportunities that we provide center on building and optimizing the web presence behind your coaching business.

Our model focuses on web marketing, specifically social media and search engine marketing, and coach sponsorship opportunities with Better Triathlete.

Optimizing Your Web Presence & Cultivating Awareness

Times have changed since the days of buying ad space in a local newspaper or magazine publication. In today’s digital age, athletes are actively searching the web for triathlon coaching, whether via online triathlon coaching or local triathlon coaches in their area.

For this reason, it’s essential to create a website for your triathlon coaching business. Not only does having a website serve as the foundation to your coaching brand, but it can act as a powerful marketing tool to acquire new athletes and grow your business.triathlon coaches in google

While building a website is integral to starting a triathlon coaching business, success often hinges on well your website is found, or how much traffic it’s getting. There are many ways to generate traffic to your website. Some of which are very effective in helping you connect with athletes. Among the most powerful are:

  • Search Engine Marketing – this includes organic SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and Pay Per Click advertising. Attaining top rankings and exposure in Google and other search engines can be a momentous way to market your tri coaching business.
  • Social Media Marketing – in addition to your website, having an active presence on social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc.) can help cast your marketing net and connect with athletes.
  • Networking – there is great opportunities in attending certain conferences, seminars, and expos that are related to triathlon. Not only are these events great for networking, but they also contribute to learning and growth as a triathlon coach.

Learn More About Web Marketing with Better Triathlete

As part of the Better Triathlete business model, we offer services and consulting in areas of search engine marketing as well as social media marketing. Like a coach designs training programs for athletes, we custom design web marketing programs to help grow your triathlon coaching business.

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Does your website need a boost in Google for “triathlon coaches (your city/state)”?

Need help managing Facebook, Twitter, and/or Google+?

Whether you need basic guidance (i.e. coaching/consulting program) or a comprehensive SEO campaign, we provide individually-tailored web marketing services for triathlon coaches. Learn more about our social media and search engine marketing services below.

How Better Triathlete Can Help


Details On What We Do

Search Engine Marketing For Your Triathlon Coaching Business

Here’s a quick briefing on search engine marketing. Like mentioned above, there are two components: organic SEO and Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.triathlon coaching google data

As the name suggests, Pay Per Click advertising is a bidding model where advertisers bid by the price of a click, or hit to their website. This is done through Google AdWords (or other advertising platforms for different search engines, like Bing.)

For perspective, see the image that shows an approximation of how much it would cost per click given each keyword. This is very approximate data, and depends on the location that’s being targeted. But overall, PPC advertising is an effective way to be visible in front of athletes searching for your keywords.

Here is a snapshot of Google search results for “San Francisco triathlon Coach.” This is the organic search results, thus the term organic SEO. In short, our organic SEO services are designed to help grow your site’s search ranking in Google.

triathlon coaching business in google

A lot of opportunities to be had, San Francisco triathlon coaches.

Yes, there are a lot of opportunities to be had with SEO and expanding your site’s visibility in Google search.

Social Media Marketing For Your Triathlon Coaching Business

Social media marketing triathlon coaching businessSocial media marketing is also a vital component to starting a successful triathlon coaching business. Unlike search engine marketing where athletes are actively searching for triathlon coaches and coaching resources on the web, social media marketing focuses on building your brand, which in turn builds awareness and maximizes your potential to connect with new athletes.

Social media shouldn’t be a head scratcher for new triathlon coaching businesses. Like designing your website and overall online brand, your social media presence should run parallel with all other web properties surrounding your coaching company.

Start with the big social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Google+, and perhaps consider including LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest. Managing each platform can be time consuming, so it’s important not to overwhelm yourself with managing each account. You already have a tri coaching business to manage as it is. Stay focused and stay within your comfort zone before establishing an account on every social media site out there.  The idea is to keep your account active and regularly share content at least a couple times per week. This will help you get the most from your social media marketing endeavors.

For strategic insights on social media marketing and how Better Triathlete can help, please contact us to learn more.

Better Triathlete Sponsorship Opportunities for Coaches

Better Triathlete offers an established a network of sponsored triathlon coaches all throughout the U.S. While sponsorships are selective by city and state, triathlon coaches in our network can expand their business potential to acquire new athletes. How exactly?

What makes the Better Triathlete coaches network so powerful and valuable for emerging triathlon coaches is exposureBetter Triathlete Coaching Sponsorship

Sponsored triathlon coaches will get placement on an optimized listing in their respective state and/or city. What makes these listings optimized is that many get traffic from search engine users looking for triathlon coaches in their area.

While the Better Triathlete coaches network is currently a work in progress, we are always seeking new additions to our network. This opportunity can help jump-start your triathlon coaching business and help acquire new athletes. To learn more contact us.

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